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The Method of Wearing Surgical Gown

Sep. 11, 2018

The Method Of wearing Surgical gown

Wearing traditional sterile surgical gown: The surgeon removes the sterile surgical gown from the sterile surgical gown after hands sanitized and dried. Grasp the corner of collar with your hands, and towards yourself. Look for a spacious place to shake it. Look at the sleeve entry, throw it upwards, and put your hands into the sleeves. The arms are held flat and straight forward. The belt was tightened and the hands were stretched out of the cuffs. Nurse further fastened the collar and back straps. He crossed his hands and lifted the belt, the nurse took the belt behind the back and assisted.

Wearing Tie-back style surgical gown: The method of wearing tie-type sterile gown is the same as above except that when the surgeon puts on a surgical gown and wears sterile gloves, the nurse will pass the belt to the surgeon's own tether. The back page of the back-surgical gown covers the posterior part of the surgeon and makes the back sterile.

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Pay attention to wearing surgical gown, hands half-stretched to the chest, to avoid touching the surrounding people or things. Do not place your hands under your armpits, over your shoulders, or below your waist.

When the surgery was completed the operation and need continue operation, the nurse assisted in untying the belt behind and grabbed the collar of the surgical girth in front of himself and took off his clothes. The surgeon put the gloves on the wrist and the right hand held the left glove. Remove it by the flap and remove it with your left hand and grab right hand glove inside. Spray the disinfectant back into the gown.


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